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25 Abr 2023

A Commercial Court of Madrid has upheld the case of Anekke in the lawsuit filed against another brand for copying its products.




A Commercial Court of Madrid has upheld the case of Anekke in the lawsuit filed against another brand for copying its products.

  • The brand from Alicante ANEKKE has had to deal with the brand Sweet&Candy copying its designs for quite some time.
  • The judgement given states that the products of the firm ANEKKE have clearly been copied by Sweet&Candy.
  • The brand Sweet & Candy has been ordered to stop manufacturing, distributing and exporting the infringing products and also withdraw them from commercial transactions.

Alicante, on the 24th of April 2023 – The accessories and fashion firm ANEKKE has won the lawsuit filed against Sweet&Candy for the acts of unfair competition.

The commercial court 17 of Madrid has notified it about the judgement that partially upholds its case filed against Sweet & Candy for unfair acts of imitation. The judge has therefore acknowledged the existence of unfair acts of imitation, and she has decided that all the features that distinguish the ANEKKE products have clearly been copied by Sweet & Candy; these are: character, collections, product formats and commercial presentation, which results in consumers unduly associating the copies with the plaintiff’s original products.

The Spanish trademark Anekke has been adversely affected by the copies of Sweet&Candy for years, not only its products and collections, but also its iconic character, as they are considered to be “very similar” and “at first absolutely confusable”, as stated in the aforesaid judgement.


The judgement orders Sweet&Candy to:

  • Stop manufacturing, distributing, exporting the existing and future infringing products;
  • Withdraw the infringing products from commercial transactions and from retail establishments;
  • Destroy the infringing products at its expense;
  • Withdraw any commercial or marketing document or content (online and offline) about the infringing products.


ABOUT ANEKKE www.anekke.com

Anekke is the flagship brand of fashion bags and accessories from the Azzar Group, a corporate group from Alicante that was established in 1996, which now operates in more than 60 countries.

Through the woman that brings its character Anekke to life, the brand upholds strong female values: to be independent and brave, a daydreamer, to travel and discover oneself and fight for what you believe in.

Anekke launches two collections each season, one is inspired in the values of an iconic woman and the other is inspired in a trip and the experience during it. Its bags are known for containing countless details, they are highly customized, which makes each product a unique piece, and this has enabled the firm to establish itself in fashion channels in a sustainable and firm way.

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